The 50-th Vernadsky/Brown Microsymposium

Dear Colleagues,

We are cordially inviting you to participate in the 50-th Vernadsky/Brown Microsymposium on Comparative Planetology, which will be held at the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry , Moscow, Russia, on October 12-14, 2009.

As usual, the Microsymposium will cover multiple topics in planetary sciences. The last day of the Microsymposium (October 14) will be devoted to the analysis of the Martian satellite Phobos.

The Chairman of the organizing committee is professor Alexander Basilevsky, head of the Laboratory of comparative planetology at Vernadsky Institute.

If you wish to attend the Microsymposium, please fill the questionnaire form and send it to the Organizing committee by fax or email. We also need a PDF file of the main page (the page with the photo) of your passport. The absolute deadline for submission of these documents is July 20, 2009.

The deadline for abstract submission is September 5, 2009. Abstracts of your presentations (up to 2 pages long, LPSC A4 page format ) should be sent electronically either using our upload web-form or sent to e-mail or to . By the same date, please inform us of the type of presentation you would like to give: oral (10-15 minutes in English plus 10-15 minutes for Russian translation or vise versa) or poster or print only.

The registration fee (~ US $150) will be used used for meeting organizational expenses. Unfortunately we do not have a possibility to support financially your participation in the meeting.

Please fax or email your exact arrival and departure dates and flights not later than ten days before your arrival so that we can arrange for you to be met at Moscow airports.

To execute the documents for receiving visa we need to know not later than July 20, 2009 your personal data. You should fill the registration form with visa assistance (preferably) and send us the image of the front page of your passport to email . Or send us the next data to email :

- Your contact E-mail address (
- Family Name, Surname (Kuznecov)
- First Name (John)
- Middle Name, Other Names dividing by space (Ivanovich Peter Pedro)
- Gender (Mr./Mrs.)
- Country of work (Jamaica)
- City of work (Tobolsk)
- Zip (119991)
- Mailing and street addresses of work, street, building N, (Kosygina St., 19)
- Organization phone (+7-499-1374995)
- Organization Fax (+7-495-9382054)
- Full Official Name of Organization (Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analythical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Science)
- Short Name, abbreviation of Organization (for the badge signs) Vernadsky Institute
- Position (post)
- Do you need out assistance of the Hotel Reservation (Sputnik Hotel only) (Yes/No)
- Do you need our Visa Assistance (Yes/No)
- Preliminary Titles of your abstracts ("The history of Mars.";"The New Impactica.")
- Oral/Poster/PrintOnly Prefers (Oral)
- Additional requests and questions

For the visa processing (official invitation, etc.) we need the next additional information:

- Citizenship (UK)
- Date of birth (13 Dec. 1975)
- Place of birth (Kolomna, Moscow region, USSR)
- Permanent Residence (Ancoridge, Alaska, USA)
- Date of birth (13 Dec. 1975)
- Passport Number (CE 123154)
- Passport Issued Date (13 Dec. 2005)
- Passport Valid Until (13 Dec. 2009)
- Position (post) at Institute (Head of Planetary Department)
- Part-time residence in Russia (Hotel name) (Sputnik Hotel, Moscow)
- The place (city and country) you will apply for a visa (Helsinki, Finland)
- The planning date of arrival to Russia (13 Dec. 2006)
- The planning date of depature from Russia (24 Dec. 2006)
- The attached image of the front page of your passport (jpg,pdf-files)

Contact Persons: Alexander Basilevsky ()and Mikhail Ivanov ().

Phone numbers: (+7-499)137-49-95, (+7-499)939-70-19.

Fax: (+7-495)938-20-54.

With best personal regards, Organizing committee.

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