Vernadsky Institute Laboratory fo Comparative Planetology Planets

Lectures on Comparative Planetology:

Dr. A.T. Basilevsky. Lunar small craters and stones (In Russian). Vernadsky Institute. January 28, 2020.

Dr. M.A.Ivanov. Ocean on Mars(In Russian). Vernadsky Institute. December 11, 2019.

Dr. M.A.Ivanov. Large Igneous Provinces, LIPs, of terrestrial planets (In Russian). Moscow State University. December 20, 2018.

Geology of Planets. Dr. M.A. Ivanov and Prof. A.T. Basilevsky's Course. Vernadsky Institute RAS. April-May, 2018. (In Russian)

Academician Mikhail Marov. Surrounding Space: the Nature and Models.(In Russian) Vernadsky Institute. April 28, 2016.

Dr. Boris Ivanov. Impact craters on the Moon, Mars and asteroids(In Russian).Vernadsky Institute. May 19, 2016.

Igneous series and formations of tectonic environments. Lectures of Dr. A.A. Ariskin, Fall, 2013. (In Russian)

Selected lectures of TV Kultura project ACADEMIA. 2011-2013.

The presentation of Prof. A.T. Basilevky's lecture on the comparative planetology at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics. Moscow, November, 21. 2013. (PDF, In Russian)

Prof. A.T. Basilevsky's Course in Planetology. MIIGAiK. Oct.-Nov., 2011.

Moon 101 - The Course in Lunar Science (NASA Johnson Space Center. June-October, 2008).

Geology of Planets. Prof. A.T. Basilevsky's Concise Course. Space Research Institute (IKI RAS). October-November, 2008.

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