Vernadsky Institute Laboratory fo Comparative Planetology Planets

Academia. Planet Parade (ТВ Россия Культура. 2012-2013):

Lection (video)Lector

The Solar System. (In Russian)Academician Mikhail Marov.

The Earth: yesterday, today, tomorrow. (In Russian)Professor Nikolay Koronovsky.

Mercury and the Moon (In Russian)Dr. Igor Mitrofanov

Why to explore the Moon? (In Russian)Academician Eric Galimov.

Mars and Venus (In Russian)Dr. Oleg Korablev

The Giant Planets and their moons (In Russian)Prof. Alexander Basilevsky

Exoplanets (In Russian)Academician Lev Zeleny.

The Solar Imperia (In Russian)Academician Lev Zeleny.

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