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Igneous series and formations of tectonic environments. Lectures of Dr. A.A. Ariskin, Fall, 2013 (In Russian):

Lecture (video)Materials

01. Igneous series and formations of tectonic environments.Introduction.(PDF presentation)

02. Genetic Basaltic Types and Phase Interpretaion Basics.(PDF presentation)

03. Secondary Elements.(PDF presentation)

04. Isotopes in igneous rocks.(PDF presentation)

05. Igneous reology.(PDF presentation)

06. Magmatic fractionation. (PDF presentation)

07. Equations of magmatic fractionation.(PDF presentation)

08. Basics of magmatic phase calculations. Comagmat software.(PDF presentation)

10. Primary magmas and the mantle melting.(PDF presentation)

11. Basics of The Oceanic Geology. (PDF presentation)

13. Plutonism of oceans.(PDF presentation)

12. Tholeitic magmatism of oceans.(PDF presentation)

14. The conditions of MORB origin and crystallization.(PDF presentation)

15. The ocean hot-spot igneous series.(PDF presentation)

16a. Hawaii igneous series.(PDF presentation)

16b. Iceland igneous series.(PDF presentation)

17. Oceanic and continental flood basalts .(PDF presentation)

18. Flood basalts and relative igneous rocks.(PDF presentation)

21. Igneous series of continental rifts.(PDF presentation)

22. The origin of alcaline series of continents.(PDF presentation)

23. The igneous rocks of the continental orogenic rifts.(PDF presentation)

20. The large layered intrusions.(PDF presentation)

19. Siberian sill differentiation modelling.(PDF presentation)

24. Ocean Island Arc: geology and magmatism.(PDF presentation)

25. The origin of andesibasalts of Ocean Island Arc.(PDF presentation)

27. Active continental margins of Andian (East Pacific) type .(PDF presentation)

28. The origin of andesites: hypotheses review.(PDF presentation)

28b. Adakites: petrology, geochemistry, origin. (PDF presentation)

29. Igneous series of ocenic trenches. Boninites.(PDF presentation)

References.(PDF presentation)

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